Pickling is the process of preserving or extending the shelf life of food by either anaerobic fermentation in brine or immersion in vinegar. The pickling procedure typically affects the food's texture, taste and flavor. Our pickles are use Olive Oil & are authentically Greek sourced and produced.

Cypriot Caper Leaves 250g
3.800 BD 3.800 BD 3.8000000000000003 BHD
Caper leaves, which are hard to find outside of Greece or Cyprus, are used particularly in salads and fish dishes. They are pickled or boiled and preserved in jars with brine - like caper buds.
Greek Sundried Tomatoes in Olive Oil 250g
2.000 BD 2.000 BD 2.0 BHD
The Sun dried tomato combined with various herbs such as garlic, pepper and laurel in olive oil is an ideal snack for demanding palates. Its wonderful sweet and sour taste can be combined with various dishes.
Cypriot Caperberries 250g
3.300 BD 3.300 BD 3.3000000000000003 BHD
caper berry. The fruit can be pickled and then served as a Greek mezze of which often used as a seasoning, usually consumed pickled capers are a common ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine, especially Cypriot, Italian, Aeolian and Maltese.
Greek Cucumbers Cornichons (Gherkins) in Brine 500g
1.500 BD 1.500 BD 1.5 BHD
Greek Pickles & Antipasti

Cucumbers Cornichons (Gherkins) in brine is a great way to enhance your appetizer experience - on top of pizza’s, pasta or salads or for different uses of garnish on finished meals. Our Authentic High Quality Greek antipasti selection is the perfect addition or replacement to your every day ingredients.
Macedonian Peppers Pepperonccini 500g
1.700 BD 1.700 BD 1.7 BHD
Greek Pickles & Antipasti

Northern Greek pickled products since 1975! This family farms have been producing for almost 50 years! High Quality Greek only harvested ingredients.
Greek Mini Capers 100g
1.600 BD 1.600 BD 1.6 BHD
Capers are a distinctive ingredient in Greek cuisine, especially in Crete, Cycladic ingredients & cooking. They are commonly used in salads, pasta salads, meat dishes, and pasta sauces. Capers are categorized and sold by their size.