4.350 BD 4.350 BD 4.3500000000000005 BHD

It is a shower gel and at the same time a moisturizing body cream. With a silky texture and magical scent made from pure ingredients. The combination of olive oil and wheat creates an extremely gentle complex of hydration and protection. Mastic offers the skin antifungal protection while aloe which is rich in enzymes and vitamins softens the skin and offers permanent hydration with the synergistic action of organic green tea and organic arnica extracts.
THEANGĒLIS: Organic Anti-aging Eye & Face Serum 30ml
31.200 BD 31.200 BD 31.2 BHD

The serum multiplies the moisturizing and antioxidant action of both day and night cream, as a result of which the skin looks youthful and firm. Its concentrated composition is rich in water elements and vitamins which activate the production of collagen and smooth the contour of the face. Thenagelis anti-aging face & eye serum is suitable for all skin types. It is absorbed immediately, leaving a cool and velvety feeling on the face.

The key to effective anti-aging care lies in cell renewal and the fight against free radicals. Pure essential oils, natural extracts and aloe vera gel compose an excellent anti-aging formula that penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin with immediate visible results. The combination of the essential oils of Dittany, Cistus & Helichryse, due to their rich antioxidant ingredients, aims at the renewal of skin cells and the restoration of skin elasticity, giving it a youthful appearance and radiance.

As you age, your skin becomes thinner and loses its ability to hold water.
Theangelis concentrated anti-aging eye and face serum is produced from aloe and extracts of Dittany, Cistus & Helichryse. The fatty acids or lipids contained in the extracts are a key component of the skin itself. Their compatibility with human skin makes them useful and absolutely necessary in our daily care. They have a nourishing, moisturizing, emollient and very strong antioxidant effect. They form a fatty film on the surface of the skin and thus prevent the evaporation of water. They maintain the elasticity of the skin.

4.400 BD 4.400 BD 4.4 BHD

The antioxidant properties of sandstone, in combination with the antibacterial and moisturizing properties of mastic and olive oil, soften the hair, making the hair soft and easy to comb, while giving it volume.
SOMA: Organic Nourishing Hand cream 75ml
5.400 BD 5.400 BD 5.4 BHD

It nourishes, heals & moisturizes dry and damaged hands. Leaves a distinctive vanilla scent on the hands. Its rich emollient and moisturizing composition keeps the hands hydrated & soft while leaving a soft & discreet vanilla scent on the hands. The oils in the cream replenish the lost moisture and form a protective layer that prevents "cracking" and dryness of the hands. The hands are the most used part of our body, but they are usually the most neglected. The skin on the hands is much thinner than the skin on the palms. Hands are constantly exposed to water, extreme temperatures, chemicals in the kitchen and garden, etc. Even soap can dry the delicate skin of the hands. Frequent use of the cream heals damaged skin. Due to its natural ingredients, it heals and regenerates the skin .

Dittany rich in polyphenols is a powerful antioxidant that causes a significant increase in collagen and skin thickness and helps to increase the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Helps maintain the normal pH of the skin . Helps to maintain the moisture of the skin ensuring deep hydration that lasts. Carvacrol contained in dittany oil also has a special healing effect. Still calendula oil can accelerate wound healing. thanks to the high content of vitamin A protects the skin and repairs damaged tissues. Its dense composition simultaneously covers and protects the wound accelerating its healing while at the same time moisturizes the skin in depth.
5.400 BD 5.400 BD 5.4 BHD

Gentle, moisturizing and invigorating body lotion. The organic extracts of green tea cool and refresh the skin while the complex of mastic oil and grape seeds, having antibacterial and antioxidant properties, keeps the skin firm and hydrated. Organic chamomile extracts soothe tired skin, giving it radiance and firmness.
KOMI: Organic Tonic Hair Lotion 100ml
8.100 BD 8.100 BD 8.1 BHD

It improves blood circulation to the scalp by strengthening the hair roots. Increases density & accelerates new hair growth. Tonic hair lotion with Dittany, Adiantum & Cistus. It does not stick and leaves no traces of oiliness. Moisturizes and tones the hair.

KŌMI hair tonic lotion is a formula with natural oils that helps restore the natural lubrication and hydration of your hair, while leaving an amazing feeling. It does not stick and leaves no traces of oiliness. Natural oils cover the hair follicles, giving you a natural voluminous quality.

The adiantum (polytrix) contained is so called because of its property to stimulate hair growth by increasing both the length and the number of hair follicles. At the same time dittany and cistus thanks to their antiseptic and astringent properties cleanse and protect the pores of the hair.

Moisturizes the hair follicles, thus facilitating your hair to retain natural oils. If you have broken hair then the daily treatment with toning lotion will help in the overall better health of your hair. Apply a small amount daily and be sure to enjoy a relaxing massage as you apply it. It is ideal for daily use on dry hair.
4.350 BD 4.350 BD 4.3500000000000005 BHD

With its intensive composition and mastic oil, it moisturizes and creates an invisible protection film for your hands, rich in plant ingredients. At the same time, glycerin and olive oil soften the skin giving it a silky texture.
ELAEON: Organic Make Up Removing Oil 100ml
7.500 BD 7.500 BD 7.5 BHD

This natural cleansing oil effortlessly removes all types of make-up, including waterproof mascara. Cleanses the skin without stripping moisture or leaving a greasy film and leaves the face feeling velvety smooth.
ELIXIRION: Grapeseed Oil- Organic, Pure Cold Pressed Oil 30ml
7.500 BD 7.500 BD 7.5 BHD

It offers the skin valuable antioxidant ingredients that completely rejuvenate it and restore its youthful appearance. Our Grapeseed oil is produced at Bioaroma Crete's facilities. Organic grapes are first harvested from the vineyards. Then the grape fruit is separated from the stone. This is followed by cold pressing of the seeds to produce our organic ELIXIRION grape seed oil.

Grape seed oil is an excellent product of natural beauty. This is a new raw material in the field of cosmetology. It is widely used because due to its light texture, it is absorbed without leaving any greasy residue. A massage with grape seed oil offers the skin valuable antioxidants that rejuvenate the skin.

Overall benefits of ELIXĪRION Grapeseed Oil:

Anti-aging: Free radicals and environmental factors such as sun, wind and pollution have a detrimental effect on your skin. They increase the signs of aging while causing dry skin and discoloration. The vitamins R&D contained in ELIXIRION Grapeseed Oil have antioxidant properties and help to improve the overall image of the skin. Also, omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids are vital for the function and appearance of the skin.
Moisturizing: Grapeseed oil creates a sebaceous membrane that prevents water from evaporating and retains moisture inside the skin. ELIXIRION Grapeseed Oil is rich in linoleic acid. Linoleic Acid rejuvenates the cells and tissues of the skin while offering deep hydration.

Treatment against acne & excessive oiliness: ELIXIRION Grape Seed Oil does not clog the pores and thanks to its fine texture it is also ideal for oily skin. It penetrates quickly into the skin and leaves no traces of oil. The lipids it contains are perfectly compatible with the lipids of the skin so that it is fully recognized by the skin by regulating sebum hypersecretion.
.ELIXIRION: Prickly Pear Oil- Organic, Pure Cold Pressed Oil 30ml
18.095 BD 18.095 BD 18.095 BHD

Precious oil, our ally in preserving youth. Reduces dark circles. Fights free radicals and increases cell renewal. ELIXIRION Prickly Pear Oil is produced at the Bioaroma Crete plant from the organic seeds of the prickly pear. They are harvested, dried and then cold pressed.

ELIXIRION Prickly Pear Oil is easily absorbed by the skin and penetrates quickly without leaving any oily traces.

Benefits of ELIXIRION Prickly Pear Oil:

Anti-aging: Contains effective and powerful antioxidants known as betalains. Prickly pear seeds contain the highest percentage of betaline of any plant. These super antioxidants help to protect the skin against aging. In addition to its content of betalins, it contains amino acids that stimulate the production of fibroblasts.

Reducing dark circles: ELIXIRION Prickly Pear Oil contains vitamin K, which softens discolorations and brightens spots and dark circles under the eyes.

Hydration: ELIXIRION Prickly Pear Oil contains fatty acids such as linoleic acid and oleic acid which replenish lost skin lipids. Lipids retain moisture inside the skin and help to hydrate and replenish elasticity, leading to a more youthful complexion.

Acne Treatment: People with acne usually have higher levels of oleic acid in their skin than linoleic acid. ELIXIRION Prickly Pear Oil is rich in linoleic acid, which helps to achieve balance in the skin. Its high content of linoleic acid helps prevent sebum hardening by preventing the formation of clogged pores that lead to acne and blemishes.

It works for all skin types but works wonders on oily skin.
5.950 BD 5.950 BD 5.95 BHD

Relaxing body oil with mastic, almond oil and olive oil that moisturizes and refreshes the skin but can also be used for massage.
.THEANGELIS: Organic Anti-Aging Contouring Face Lotion 100ml
15.600 BD 15.600 BD 15.6 BHD

The "magic" water of youth.Tones the skin & tightens loose skin. Opens the pores favoring the penetration of active substances and restores the pH of the skin after cleansing to normal thus preventing contamination and enhancing the action of skin care products. Refreshes while processing the skin giving it a youthful appearance, velvety feel and firm contour.

The flower water of dittany rich in polyphenols is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals which are a key factor of premature aging. The essential oil of rosemary and bitter orange blossoms contained in the Theangelis Anti-Aging Face Lotion is said to have been included in the youth elixir of the Queen of Hungary in the 14th century. In Hungary, in the 14th century, lived the 72-year-old queen who was semi-paralyzed and with gout. At her command, the magic water of youth was produced in order to heal her and manage to maintain her youthful appearance. Although she was about 72 years old, she managed to enchant young kings, such as the King of Poland, who expressed his admiration for her youthful appearance and beauty.

Theangēlis organic contouring face lotion deeply moisturizes and gives youthful and vigorous look to the contour of the face.
6.500 BD 6.500 BD 6.5 BHD

Dry hair and body oil 2 in 1 with mastic & argan oil that moisturizes and protects the skin. Restructures and moisturizes the hair even at high temperatures and makes drying 2 times faster.
RHODON: Organic Balancing Facial Toner with Rose 100ml
12.950 BD 12.950 BD 12.950000000000001 BHD

Cleansing foam for face and eyes for normal & combination skin. Contains pink clay, dittany & rose. Pink clay is a mixture of white and red clay and has the properties of both. It cleanses the skin, giving it a glow without drying it. Enriched with herbal active ingredients to protect against irritation, it strengthens the skin's normal defenses and has a moisturizing and emollient effect. Effectively removes makeup and impurities, while toning the skin. Its daily use cleanses the pores and cares for the skin leaving the skin smooth and soft.
.KOMI: Organic Hair Conditioner 100ml
6.500 BD 6.500 BD 6.5 BHD

The use of conditioner is a key part of your hair care routine. It is the next step after rinsing from the shampoo that softens and smoothes your hair. In practice, however, the conditioner is much more than a hair removal cream.

Simply put(διαγραφή), the conditioner is a regulator of the skin's normal pH and a means of deep hydration. KŌMI Hair Conditioner with aloe butter, aladania & antonaida consists of a unique combination of natural ingredients that help replenish the normal moisture of the hair that has been removed from the shampoo.

The nutritional properties of aloe butter (vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes), together with the soothing action of Aladania & the Cretan Marjoram, treat the scalp and leave the hair silky, easy to comb & shiny.

Use the KŌMI Hair Conditioner with aloe butter, aladania & antonaida after each shampoo for healthier and shinier hair.
1.300 BD 1.300 BD 1.3 BHD

100ml | 70% Ethyl Alcohol
Kills up to 99.99% of bacteria. Gel for the removal of bacteria on the skin. When water, soap and towel are not available. Recommended for repeated use.
3.250 BD 3.250 BD 3.25 BHD

100ml | 70% Ethyl Alcohol
Kills up to 99.99% of bacteria. Gel for the removal of bacteria on the skin. When water, soap and towel are not available. Recommended for repeated use.
ELIXIRION: Argan- Organic, Pure Cold Pressed Oil 30ml
7.000 BD 7.000 BD 7.0 BHD

Widely known as liquid gold, Argan Oil is a truly amazing treasure of Mother Nature. It Increases skin elasticity and stimulates collagen synthesis and repairs damaged hair. Argan oil has a light texture and is produced by squeezing the fruits of Argania Spinosa trees, found only in Morocco.
Argan oil has traditionally been used to improve the health of the skin, hair and nails. It contains various beneficial properties and vitamins that are a powerful combination to stimulate skin health.

The main benefits of ELIXIRION Argan for the skin are:

Anti-aging: Argan oil is used as an anti-aging treatment because it enhances collagen production and helps significantly increase skin elasticity.
Sun protection: Moroccan women have traditionally used Argan oil to protect their skin from the sun. Studies have shown that the antioxidant activity of Argan oil helps protect the skin from free radical damage caused by the sun. It also protects against sunburn and the formation of freckles. In the long run, this can even help prevent the development of skin cancer such as melanoma.

Hydration: Argan oil is very often used as a moisturizer. This is because it is rich in vitamin E, which is a fat-soluble antioxidant that can help retain water in the skin.

Treatment of skin diseases: Argan oil contains a large number of healing properties, including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Both help reduce the symptoms of various inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis and rosacea.

Acne Treatment: Hormonal acne is often the result of hormone-induced sebum. Argan oil effectively regulates excess sebum on the skin.

Treatment against skin infections: One of the traditional uses of Argan oil is the treatment of various skin infections as it has antibacterial and fungicidal properties.
Use it twice a day, applying a small amount on your preferred area and perform a local massage.
.KISTOS: Organic Nourishing & Hydrating Face Serum 30ml
26.900 BD 26.900 BD 26.900000000000002 BHD

It offers intensive hydration to dry & sensitive skin. Reduces the feeling of tightness and gives a velvety texture to the skin. Moisturises dry and senstive skin and improves elasticity while protecting & treating it from dryness and irritation.

Just a few drops of this concentrated formula can be used morning and night as the base of your skin care routine and works to help the skin absorb the ingredients of the products that follow, maximising their action.

Made up of natural raw materials, containing an intensive dose of therapeutic ingredients such as Aladania, Aloe & Avocado to nourish and hydrate the skin.
RHODON balacing and hydrating face serum
26.900 BD 26.900 BD 26.900000000000002 BHD

It offers strong and deep hydration while cooling, soothing and restoring the skin's normal balance. RHÓDON is a Organic Hydrating Face Serum that balances & moisturizes the face. It gives a feeling of hydration to normal and combination skin. It's a light serum based on aloe vera gel that is absorbed immediately and does not "burden" the skin. You will look youthful as the serum takes away the normal unwanted shine. It is an ideal base before applying the RHODON organic day cream. Only a few drops are required due to its concentrated formula and the face will be cured of its daily attrition.