Our organic herbs and spices are hand-selected from the finest harvests each year. Our herbs are trusted for their unmatched quality and freshness. 

Greek Mahleb 8g
1.550 BD 1.550 BD 1.55 BHD
Mahlepi (Mahleb in Arabic) is an unusual Greek spice with a distinctive, fruity taste. The finely ground mahlepi powder is made from the inner kernels of fruit pits of a native Persian cherry tree.
Greek Mastica 5g
1.950 BD 1.950 BD 1.95 BHD
Mastiha (pronounced ma-stee-ha) is a Greek liqueur that contains mastic, a resin collected from the gum of the mastic tree (the earliest known form of chewing gum) and sweetened with sugar. In Greek, the word “μαστίχα” literally means “to chew”
Greek Organic Mountain Tea 40g
1.550 BD 1.550 BD 1.55 BHD
Enormously popular by Greeks for generations, Mountain Tea is traditionally used to aid digestion, strengthen the immune system and suppress common cold, flu and other viruses, allergies and shortness of breath, sinus congestion, even pain and mild anxiety.
Greek Organic Oregano Stems 40g
1.550 BD 1.550 BD 1.55 BHD
Aromatic and mouth-watering, oregano is an easy to grow perennial, low-growing with small, velvety leaves and tiny white flowers. Perfect for containers, oregano is excellent fresh and easy to dry by harvesting stems and hanging in bundles. Organic Greek Oregano The classic oregano for pizza and pasta sauces.
Organic Chamomile
1.500 BD 1.500 BD 1.5 BHD
Chamomile is an herb with many medicinal properties. It strengthens the immune system, it is considered anxiolytic and sedative, it has got antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties.
Greek Red Egg Dye for Easter 3g
1.600 BD 1.600 BD 1.6 BHD
Greek RED Dye is used for decorating Eggs during the Greek Easter!
Traditionally used also to play Easter games with kids and adults alike.
The envelope includes egg dye for 40 eggs, egg stickers, and gloves. Non-toxic product – approved for foodstuff.
Greek Organic Rosemary 250g
3.600 BD 3.600 BD 3.6 BHD
100% dried Oregano herbs
Greek Organic Sage 100g
3.600 BD 3.600 BD 3.6 BHD
100% dried Oregano herbs
Greek Organic Thyme 250g
3.600 BD 3.600 BD 3.6 BHD
100% dried Oregano herbs
Greek Organic Dried Oregano Jar 250g
3.600 BD 3.600 BD 3.6 BHD
100% dried Organic Oregano herbs